Lucas at Two

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Way back when, before I had a son, I had heard and read about all the differences between boys and girls. In a theoretical sense, I knew the inherent differences between the sexes. Not until Lucas was born did I really learn first hand just how different boys and girls are. They just come out different.
Some of these are old pictures. Look how long his hair was, yikes.
Lucas is all boy. I have to admit, I love that about him. He loves cars and balls and legos. He will throw anything he is able to- rocks, balls, spaghetti noodles. At first, this seemingly boyish trait to throw anything and everything caught me off guard. Why was he throwing things all the time? Was he mad? Frustrated? Slowly I realized he was throwing things simply because he could throw things. Boy lesson number one, sometimes there isn't an in-depth reason why boys do things, they do simply because they can.

He spends most of his days playing with his cars. He will crawl on all fours, or lie on the ground and push his little cars around. If he can't find a car, he will push anything that rolls. 

 He loves books and loves to be read to, especially if I use funny voices. I really need to read to him more often.

 Fortunately, he is a lot like Hannah and a pretty good eater. He will try anything. He loves green smoothies, almost all types of fruit, pancakes, croissants, pizza, chicken, fish, rice pilaf, pumpkin pie and his new favorite drink, apple cider. (Juice is kind of a treat in our house.)
Another chicken cacciatore lover.
Strawberry Picking this past summer.

A few years back, I read a post by Sarah at Clover Lane on toddler boys. One thing she said stuck with me, which was that little boys are like puppies. They need to be exercised and "run" every day. Lucas loves a good run and enjoys nothing more than to be taken to an open space, a beach, a field, a mall and to run. Unfortunately, he doesn't often turn around or check to make sure anyone is following him, which can lead to awkward chases, especially when one is 9 months pregnant.

He is a horrible sleeper. From what I've heard from other boy moms, this is not entirely unusual. He wakes up between 4:30-5am every morning. Every morning. If he sleeps until 6am, we consider it sleeping in. We've tried everything to fix this problem and so far nothing has really worked. We joke we'll get our payback when he's a teenager and go into his room to wake him up before dawn every now and then, just for kicks.
He is as stubborn as heck, or "willful" as Matthew likes to say. "Willful" sounds a lot nicer than stubborn. He simply knows what he wants, period. This can be a good thing. He's determined and passionate and those virtues can be harnessed for the good. The parenting challenge is in figuring out how to actually harness them. 

At the age of almost two, he barely speaks any words. I'm not all that concerned. All our kids just seem to be late talkers. Abby didn't really start speaking until she was three. 

He will say, "good" if he's eating something he really likes. He can also say "hot" and "cold" and "thank you," but only if he feels like it.  Usually he just whines and throw a fit in attempt to communicate, so that's fun. 

He can be such a rough and tumble boy most of the time, but he still loves to cuddle, especially with me. He does love his mama. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Sometimes I have mini-panic attacks when I think of trying to raise this boy-child of mine into a man. How the heck can we raise a man in this culture which is so hostile to boys and men? I pray we are up to the task and that he grows into a good and holy man, one after God's own heart. 

St. Luke, pray for us. St. Francis de Sales*, pray for us. 

*(When we named Lucas after my grandfather (Francis) we just figured one of  his patron saints would be St. Francis of Assisi, but the more I read of St. Francis de Sales, the more I love him.)


  1. Aw Lucas!! He is such a boy, I love it. He is getting so big. Love reading your posts again, Jennie!! Love those babies of yours!

  2. can't believe he will be two next week! are you asking does time fly by swiftly???!!!!
    love that smile of his :)


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