So, It's Been A While

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
So, it's been a while since I've blogged, and for good reason. 

Miss Olivia Rose was born at the end of August. She is such a little love and we are all smitten with her.

Oh gosh, is she cute or what?
Olivia has blended into our family seamlessly. She is such a good baby, easy going and calm, except if she's hungry or has gas. This past year has been a busy one for us, so when we were considering baby names, I really wanted one that meant "peace." Olivia lives up to her name. She has brought so much peace and joy into our home. 

Her siblings are crazy about her. Well, I suppose I should say her sisters are crazy about her, especially Abby (who asks me every morning how Olivia slept the night before). Lucas is mostly indifferent towards her, but sometimes he will give her a little pat/smush on the head. I'll take it since he has no animosity towards her and doesn't seem to see her as a threat in any way. I hope in a few months (or years) he and she will become best buddies. Until then, he is way more interested in his trucks. 

I do intend to blog more often (said every blogger everywhere), if only to keep my sisters and Mom happy with pictures of the kids. Wish me luck.


  1. YEAHHHHSSSSS Jennie has blogged! So exciting to see these pictures. Some I've seen, others not. All your girls are growing up so fast, so the photos mean that much more to us. Olivia looks like she's been the baby sister all along and certainly at this point nothing seems to faze her! Good signs.
    Keep the writings comin!!!! Love and hugs from California. oxxoxo

    1. I thought you might enjoy this, Grams T!:)

  2. Congratulations! What a sweet addition to your family. I'd love to see you blog more too!

    1. Thanks, Mandi! I'll be praying for a safe delivery for your soon-to-be little one.

  3. Yay!! Just saw you started blogging again!! Love the new pictures. Miss those kiddies so much!!


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