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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
It was only a few short months ago that Abby refused to color or draw any pictures. We would try to encourage her with new coloring books and pleas for homemade art, but she always refused. We weren't sure if it was because she didn't think she could draw as well as Hannah or because she simply did not want to draw if she could not do it well. (She is, surprisingly, somewhat of a perfectionist.)

Then Olivia was born and suddenly Abby had her muse. She wanted to color. She started taking sheets of blank white paper and coloring them all one color. She would work so hard on filling every inch of the white with color. At first, when we asked what she was making she would say a "monster." Fair enough. But then the monsters evolved into "magic carpets." Pretty clever, if you ask me. They do kinda look like magic carpets. She made magic carpets for everyone, but mostly for the baby. Matthew framed one. 
A magic carpet. I don't know why this one has purple and orange, usually they're all one color. I think the orange bled through from another picture.
Slowly, the magic carpets have faded away and Abby has started drawing real pictures. Many of the pictures are of various animals, but mostly of our family. I love her drawings. I know how much time and effort she puts into these and it reminds me of what a sweet little girl she is. It also reminds me of how fleeting her childhood is. Eventually, the magic carpets and stick figures will become a thing of the past, so I want to cherish these while I can.
I think this is me.
Hannah, Abby and me with a dog.
This might be my favorite. It's a ladybug. Is this not the cutest ladybug you have ever seen?
Besides loving all her new artwork, I have been so impressed with how much Abby has grown over these last few months. She has gone from refusing to draw or write anything to this and she can write her name really well too. Her fine motor skills have improved tremendously and she actually enjoys practicing her handwriting. She can be so self-conscious and critical of herself that we try to praise her work as much as we can. (In the ladybug picture she was so upset with how poorly she was writing her name, but honestly, it looks good to me.)  She is growing by leaps and bounds and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

I just love this kid.
She wanted a picture of her new shiny shoes.


  1. Love this girl IMMENSELEY (along with the rest of them). Abby is uniquely created by an awesome God. And I love how her colorful soul is shining through her hands, her smile, and her whole being. I also love that Matthew framed one of her magic carpets. Treasures!!!!!!

    1. I love this girl too! Yeah, we're going to hang up one of her magic carpets on the wall.:)

  2. Oh my gosh Abs!! Those pictures are awesome. I miss this sweet girl!! She is too cute!


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