Halloween, All Saints and a Birthday, Oh My!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
What a fun and busy past couple of days we have had! We went to a Latin Mass (the whole fam!) on Friday night, more about that later. Saturday was Halloween, Sunday was All Saints Day and then Lucas turned two yesterday. Phew.

Our Halloween (and All Saints Day) costumes were a bit thrown together this year. Most of the kids' costumes were recycled from last year. The only thing I actually bought this year was Hannah's Captain Barnacles mask. 

Hannah was an octonaut. Abby originally wanted to be a ballerina, but changed her mind at the last minute. She ended up being the Virgin Mary. Lucas was a knight and a happy one at that. Look at that kid's smile! And sweet Olivia was dressed as a little cat/newborn baby. 

Sweet baby girl all bundled up for trick-or-treating. 
For All Saints Day, Abby was once again the Virgin Mary. Although, she wasn't so good about taking care of poor baby Jesus. I think he ended up underneath the stroller once she got tired of carrying him. 

Hannah was St. Clare. I put a white sweater around her head and pinned some black fabric to the sweater to make a little habit. Eh, it served it's purpose. I cut out the monstrance from gold poster board. I explained to the girls that the gold monstrance was where the Eucharist, the bread/body of Jesus was kept. Abby kept calling the monstrance the "beer and wine." "We can't forget the beer and wine!" So true, Abigail, so true. 

Not pictured- St. George. Little St. George slept through Sunday's Mass and procession of saints. He was dressed in his knight costume once again and I taped a paper dragon to his sword. Like I said, minimal effort on the costume front this year. But the kids looked cute and they certainly had fun, so I'll call it a success.

My sweet boy turned two yesterday. I know this is where a lot of moms would say how time flies and I can't believe he's already two, but honestly, I can't believe he's only two. I feel like he's been around forever and should be turning four or five. 

He had a fun day. We mostly just played at the park all day. I took the kids for ice cream in the afternoon and then we had pizza and cake and ice cream (again) at home. No such thing as too much ice cream on your birthday. He loved it, especially blowing out his candles.  

The cute part of Lucas's birthday was how excited the girls were about it. They were thrilled and at the end of the day Hannah said it was the "best birthday celebration ever." I love that our kids are so easy to please.

Opening presents.
Notice all the cars on the table with him?

Playing in his Thomas tent from Aunt Libby. He and the girls love this thing.

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  1. So cute!! Haha love the costumes, and love the picture of all 4 kiddies on the couch! FOUR! Go mama! They are the best little kids!! Miss you guys!


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