Plimoth Plantation

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The kids and I took a little field trip to the Plimoth Plantation yesterday. The Plimoth Plantation is a re-creation of 17th century Pilgrim and Wompatuk villages, complete with actors who play the part. Awesome.

We've been reading a bunch of books about pilgrims and Indians lately to prepare for our field trip. It's so great that we live close enough to visit this historic place. After our trip, Matthew was asking if I felt rather patriotic visiting our nation's beginnings. Patriotic? No. Homeschooly? Yes.

The kids were able to see pilgrim and Wompatuk homes, watch the pilgrims and Indians prepare food and various chores. It was such a great hands-on and interactive learning experience. 
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 Outside a Wompatuk home.
Inside a canoe. The girls were able to watch an Indian making a canoe. They burn out the interior of a large log. The sap from the tree branches seals the canoe, making it waterproof. Interesting, right?

 This Indian was preparing a real turkey for dinner. He showed the kids the turkey's lungs.
 The inside of a Wompatuk hut.

 The girls gave themselves Indian names. We're all about political correctness around these parts. Hey, if Elizabeth Warren can call herself an Indian, my kids can too. Although, Matthew's great-grandmother was supposedly a Cree Indian, so I suppose we're more legit than she is. 

Anyways, Hannah is "running deer" and Abby is "swishing fox." At one point I made the mistake of calling Abigail's name. "Actually, you mean swishing fox, Mom." My bad. I gave Lucas the name "squawking bird" (it fits) and Olivia was/is "cutie cub" and I am "Mama Bear," (not terribly original). I would tell Hannah, "running deer, run ahead and check out what is up ahead." She would run as fast as she could. Later, she told me running deer's legs were tired from all the running. Swishing Fox was tired too. She kept wanting to sit and rest.
 Swishing Fox and Running Deer.
Grinding corn inside a pilgrim home. 
 "Wouldn't it be so cool to live in one of these homes, Mom? I wish we could." 
No honey, no it would not be cool to live in one of these homes. Check out the dirt floor and mud walls. I am so grateful to be living where and when we do.

 They were asking her what she was doing. (Mending clothes). All of the actors spoke with English accents, which surprised me. I mean obviously that's how the Pilgrims would have sounded, so I don't know why it caught me off guard, but it did.
 The girls were introducing themselves. The men were making fence posts. I was really proud of how the girls were unafraid to ask questions.
 Lucas enjoyed picking up rocks and throwing them. So, yeah, very educational for him.

Pretending to chop wood. 
We had such a great time. We'll be back next year!

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  1. How great that you take advantage of where you live to educate Running Dear, Swishing Fox, and even Squaking Bird. Looks like they're all having fun and definitely making memories!! Love the comments from the kids, and even your honest comment about the floors and walls of the pilgrim's home. Hey at least you know a good thing when you have it! Hug my little indians please :)


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