Thursday, December 3, 2015
Making a funny face.
Hannah is at such a fun age. She says something every day that makes me laugh out loud. I want to remember a few Hannah moments from late:

The other night when she was supposed to be in bed, she was bouncing a ball on the floor. "Hannah!" Matthew yelled. But she bounced it again. I went in there and gave her my Kindle. "Why don't you read some books in bed?"
"Oh good," she said, "this will keep me out of trouble."

Yesterday we were talking and I was telling her, "well, you could do this." She replied, "well, on the better hand, I could do that."

We were lying in bed late one night (I let her sleep with me) and  she was chatting away. I kept encouraging her to go to sleep and she kept talking. Finally, she was quiet for a bit, she sighed and whispered, "I love talking." I burst out laughing. She is such a little sanguine. 

Bringing me a bottle of medicine. "Now, how much do I give to Abby?" 

To the lady at Trader Joe's who said hello to her, "wait, I want to show you how pretty I look" and she proceeded to take off her winter jacket and hat to show the lady her dress. 

When discussing the Santa at the mall. "Well, I know that's not the real Santa." 
"How do you know that?"
"Well, the North Pole is far away and I learned it from Elf. The Santas at the mall smell like cheese."  

Watching the end of Sleeping Beauty, she smiled and twirled around, "I just love happy endings!"

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  1. Hahahah oh my gosh she is hilarious! Ugh I miss her!


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