A Recap of 2015

Thursday, January 28, 2016
For posterity's sake, I thought I'd write a recap of our past year. It was filled with a great deal of change and upheaval, but also a lot of grace. 

January: We learn Baby #4 is on her way! We are planning to move to California, so learning that baby is on her way puts the home buying process into high-gear. Hannah turns 5.

February: .Snowmaggedon hits Massachusetts. Our area gets record amounts of snow. As a result, we spend most of February inside watching Netflix. This bodes well for me with my first trimester nasuea, I don't feel so guilty.

March, April, May: Matthew travels to California for work nearly every other week. While there, he also visits a thousand and one potential houses and tours several prospective schools for the children. I stay busy holding down the homefront. This kids and I spend our time visiting the Boston museums, playing with friends, baking, painting and homeschooling. It becomes acutely clear to me why God gives families two parents. I survive with plenty of coffee. 

June: We get ready to move to California. We have a house picked out, our bags are packed and all our affairs are in order for a cross-country move. We are nervous, but excited about our new life ahead. I am especially looking forward having my parents and sisters close by.

July: Days before we are to leave for our big move to California, Matthew gets an exciting career opportunity. We are unsure what to do. We pray a lot. I sleep not a lot. We agree that this path is one that God has laid before us and that we must take it. Despite our trust in divine providence, I am fearful to tell my family of our changed plans. I know how excited they are for us to move closer and I am afraid to disappoint them.

We travel to California to visit with family and are forced to break the news that we will not be moving to California after all. It is heartbreaking, but my family takes the news better than I expect

We return home. I quickly find a new doctor, so that I can deliver at the hospital where Lucas was born. There's a lot of last minute hospital and doctor shuffling. Baby's arrival is weeks away.

August: Cry, stress, pray, try to discern where to go from here. We also spend every day at the pool, swimming and grilling and enjoying the summer. We try to get ready for baby, despite the fact that all our earthly goods are packed away. Try to figure out a name for baby. Write to Sancta Nomina for help.

August 28th morning: Miss Olivia Rose is born. Best day every. Best baby ever. We know whatever trials we have been through and whatever trials may come, God is on our side. Olivia is proof of that. 

August 28th evening: Matthew attends a nearby fundraiser for Donald Trump in order to secure an interview with him for his webzine. You know it's the fourth baby when...

September: Adjust to life with four little ones. We are rockin' it, with a little (a lot) of help from my mother-in-law. We decide to move to Cape Cod. We've always loved it there and we figure we would always love to have a home there, regardless of where we may end up in the future.

October: Make an offer on a house. Offer accepted. We are so excited. We start to plan and dream about life in our new home. Matthew starts his new job. He is enjoying it and we are adjusting to new routines. Life is good.

November: Days before we are set to move and close on the house, the sellers back out. Our plans for our new home are dashed. Panic attacks ensue (on my end). More tears, more plans, more prayers. Lucas turns two.

December: My parents come to visit! We rent a house down on the Cape and feel certain it is where we should be. We love having Bumpa and Zsa around and spend our time making lasting memories. We are so grateful that our children have such wonderful grandparents. We are blessed. 

January 2016: Start looking for homes to rent on the Cape until more homes come on the market. Prepare to move, again. Pray a novena to St. Joseph to help us find a home. Trust St. Joseph will come through for us. 

And now we are here. This past year has been a tumult of plans and changed plans. As a choleric, type-A planner, this meant I did not fare so well. Perhaps it was good for me, I don't know. I trust in time the reasons for it all will become clear. I do know that amidst all the chaos, we were brought together in prayer. If nothing else, that in and of itself, is a victory. 

St. Joseph, pray for us. 

A few pictures from 2015:


Science Museum with friends
Children's Museum

Indoor playtime with lots of wires.

More Children's Museum
First haircut

California roller coaster

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  1. So many adventures! Onto 2016! Hoping you find a place to live so Emma and I can come visit!


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