Things To Remember

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Things I don't want to forget about the kids:

*How she says "all aboard the Hannah express!" and bends down and Lucas climbs on her back and she runs around the living room with him. He loves it. I love it.

*How she's always coming up with ideas and plans on how to catch a fairy. She woke up the other morning all excited because, "today is the day I am going to catch a fairy!"

*How she has turned into such a little tomboy. She played in a soccer game with a bunch of boys last weekend.  She was mixing it up with the best of them. She scored two goals and was so proud of herself. Afterwards, she came up said, "I won, I won!" I told her, "well, your team won." 
"But I scored the goals, so I won."
"Okay, I see where you're coming from, but we still say your team won."
She looked at me like I was crazy. She is my mini-me.  

*How she loves Math flashcards right now.

*How she always says words like "laughed-ded" and "eat-ed." I never want to correct her grammar because I know these little idiosyncrasies won't be around forever. 

*How much she dotes on Olivia. She is always kissing her and saying, "hello there wussy, pussy." I have no idea where that came from, but she says it all the time. 

*How much she loves drawing pictures. How much I love her drawings. They always make me laugh. 

* How precocious she is when it comes to her schoolwork. I have yet to sit down and teach her how to write all the letters from the alphabet, but somewhere along the way, she learned them.

*How hard she can be on herself. If she doesn't get something just perfect, she can sometimes have a mini-breakdown. 

How much she loves it when we pray for her at the dinner table. Afterwards she'll always say, "thanks guys."

*How he says, "thank you" in a very high-pitched voice anytime we give him anything. 

*How he carries around his little ABC book with him everywhere.

*How he says "mmm, that's good," to any food he likes. Except when he says it, it sounds like he has a German accent, so it sounds more like, "mmm, das gut."

*How much he loves roughhousing with his sisters. 

*How sweet he is to Olivia. He's always bringing her his toys and giving her kisses. 

*How he beginning to love spending more time with Matthew. He wants to be with his Daddy more than his Mama sometimes.

*How when he sees older boys at the park, he runs around with them like he's part of their gang. He swears he's 12 years old.

*How ticklish she is. Anytime I zip up her pajamas she giggles as if I'm tickling her.

*How she is constantly chomping on her fingers. 

*How easygoing she is. She will sit in her bouncy chair just bouncing away. It's as if she knows Mom and Dad are busy right now, they'll get to me when they're ready. 

*How much everyone in the family just adores her. 

Trying to catch a fairy. She had her plans all written out on the paper. If you can make out the jar, that was going to be where she trapped the fairy.

"That's me and Hannah and a cross because we love each other."

Sledding. Notice how one of the sleds has the speed behind it? I just love Abby's artwork.

Mom, a lot of these pictures are on Instagram too. I try to update it daily, so you should check it out!


  1. Looooovvvving your photos and of course the quotes from each one of the kids. Precious little ones. makes me feel as if i'm ALMOST there with them.
    You are blessed! xoxoxox
    PS guess i need to get back on instagram!!

  2. We wish you were here! But hopefully these updates will make you feel like you're here! Yes, check out instagram! I try to put pictures up there daily, it's easier to keep up with than the blog. XOXOXO

  3. Love these quotes!! I miss them! And Im so excited you're on Instagram now!!


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